community space


My dissertation was focused on the use of community of practice theory to design an online environment for social learning and practice development for radiologists with an interest in PET/CT scan reporting.

The bulk of the site was constructed between February and July 2019, with a platform revision to move from BuddyPress to BuddyBoss in February 2020, which has left the site looking more modern and in line with other current social networks.

The site was developed from a design concept study conducted in November/December 2018 which looked at the needs of radiologists and their CPD and how a community of practice might work. The follow-up evaluation was conducted in August/September 2019 and the final dissertation was submitted in November 2019. Both may be downloaded above.


This community of practice space is based on Wordpress and a fork of BuddyPress called BuddyBoss.

The site uses a range of plugins, including Elementor, Pods and Gravity Forms, to create a custom private network for radiologists to share and discuss cases and build their practice together.

The video linked above provides a tour/overview of the site, with an insight into how it functions for users and how it is constructed in the back end.