HIV testing video


This video was produced as part of my Master's taught programme. The brief was to produce a short educational video, along with a written assignment exploring its context and construction, which can be downloaded above.

The aim of the video was to explain and illustrate the process of HIV rapid testing to encourage uptake among the service users of the LGBT Foundation in Manchester

The video was shot across two main locations, the Molly House who kindly lent us their upstairs bar for the pub scenes, and the LGBT Foundation offices for the clinic and waiting area scenes.


  • Personal Project/LGBT Foundation

  • 2018

This video was shot on Canon 80D DSLR cameras. The edit and effects were done in Adobe Premiere, Audition and After Effects.

Thanks to the LGBT Foundation and their staff and volunteers for their support and use of their premises. Thanks also to the Molly House bar for letting us film on location.