Flu fighter – health literacy project


The flu fighter project was a triple threat - it cut across two module's assignments for my Master's course, and was inspired by a work-based problem: how to convince more nurses and frontline healthcare staff to get their flu vaccine every year.

The taught modules I was working on were media and information literacy and multimedia design. The literacy-based assignment was to draw up a programme of activities to tackle an identified literacy problem, and the multimedia design task was to design a multimedia project and provide a written commentary. I decided to combine the two quite neatly - the literacy task identified the context and provided three options for activities, and the other task would be to create one.

The final multimedia piece was an online boardgame environment which was created in Articulate Storyline. The game itself lead you round a board, and as you play you are taken through different scenarios, quiz questions and feedback based on information and myths about flu and flu vaccines. As you move around the board badges are won to gain the status of 'flu fighter' - which fits in with the Department of Health Flu Fighter vaccination campaign.

Technically, it was a lot of fun to put together as I used Illustrator to create some characters to run and feature in the game, as well as adobe Character Animator to do some motion capture and animation for the little set piece animations I included.

On this page you can click the link to play the game, and the buttons provided allow you to download both the work relating to literacy which includes the background and concept of the game, and the interactive game commentary which takes you through the rationale for the approach in more detail.


Created in Articulate Storyline, this project uses a variety of techniques to teach users about flu vaccine myths, and gets them to question the information they might hear from others about it.

The animations were done in a combination of Adobe Character Animator and Adobe After Effects, and drawings were done in Adobe Illustrator.