FGM Webinar & Interactive Learning


This project started life as a piece of work to teach staff and volunteers about female genital mutilation, a subject I was familiar with at the time having worked previously in the sexual health field.

I wanted to introduce the subject to this non-medical audience in a more comfortable way than the previous training I had both received and delivered, which was aimed at nursing and medical professionals. For this reason, I drew my own diagrams to illustrate the practice instead of using publicly available photos.

While the webinar I delivered was recorded for further use, I wanted something which would retain the interactivity of the material I had written, so I used some new software tools to translate the work I had done into a different format that could be used in any web browser..


The webinar was captured live as delivered. The presentation was built in PowerPoint and uses an interactive format with integrated questioning, which allowed users to respond with their thoughts in the chat window.

Subsequently, I developed this into a reusable learning object using Tumult Hype to create a rich HTML5 based learning experience.