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Picture of half-eaten cinnamon roll. Delicious.

Harnessing heutagogy?

We recently covered the concept of heutagogy in my DTCE class. Many of the concepts appeal to me, particularly in light of this week’s focus on connectivism and the concept …

My learning environment - original

ETC – Semester 1 review

In week three of Education Technology & Communication, I produced a map of my personal learning environment (pictured), taking into account a range of elements that I felt were important …

Learning Technologist

About Me

I’m a Senior Learning Technologist at The Christie hospital in Manchester, UK.

I’m currently studying the MA in Digital Technologies, Communication & Education (MA:DTCE) at the University of Manchester.

What I do

My role is quite varied, and I am involved in a variety of projects within the department. I undertake project work, which generally involves organising and producing content for a educational purposes alongside subject matter experts. At present, I am the main technologist producing learning material for the national PET-CT learning programme.

My skills include:

  • Moodle administration and management
  • Instructional design
  • E-learning design and production
  • Graphic design and 2D animation
  • Web development
  • Audio/visual recording and editing

I am currently developing my expertise in the area of educational technology and pedagogy through Master’s study at the University of Manchester.

The Lovell Telescope lit up at Bluedot festival 2016


Professional interests

  • Increasing the influence of professional learning technologists and pedagogical experts in overall learning design
  • NHS, and specifically education and oncology within the NHS
  • Integrating professional development with pegagogical/heutagogical principles to improve efficacy and move beyond ‘next button’ approaches to learning technology
  • Improving the accessibility of learning technology to staff with low technological skill and little protected time

Personal interests

  • Science fiction (movies, books, TV, occasional cons) – also actual science
  • Photography
  • Baking (cakes, pastry, savoury, sweet, everything in between)
  • Reading in general (fiction and non-fiction)
  • Learning just because
  • Crochet & knitting